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亿康先达:猎头界门槛最高的猎头公司Egon Zehnder

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摘要: 亿康先达:猎头界门槛最高的猎头公司Egon Zehnder 一、亿康先达公司简介 亿康先达是深受全球知名企业和组织信赖的世界领先的高管寻访及高级人才顾问公司,有逾400名顾问遍布41个国家的69家分支机构。亿康先达的客户 ...
亿康先达:猎头界门槛最高的猎头公司Egon Zehnder
??? 一、亿康先达公司简介
??? 亿康先达是深受全球知名企业和组织信赖的世界领先的高管寻访及高级人才顾问公司,有逾400名顾问遍布41个国家的69家分支机构。亿康先达的客户包括知名跨国公司、新兴成长型企业、政府部门、监管机构、重要的文化教育机构。我们面向客户的最高领导层提供专业服务,发挥切实而持久的业务影响力。亿康先达的核心服务包括高管寻访、董事会咨询和领导力战略服务。
??? 亿康先达成立于1964年,主要基于两个目的:Egon Zehnder was founded in 1964 with two distinctive aims: Place the interests of our clients first, and lead our profession in creating value for our clients.

??? 二、亿康先达服务概括
??? Since 1964, Egon Zehnder has been at the forefront of defining great leadership in the face of changing economic conditions, emerging opportunities and evolving business goals. With more than 440 consultants in 69 offices and 41 countries around the globe, we work closely with public and private corporations, family-owned enterprises and nonprofit and government agencies to provide board advisory services, CEO and leadership succession planning, executive search and assessment, and leadership development. As a firm, we are:
??? 1、Professional
??? Egon Zehnder is a true professional services firm, passionately devoted to your success, ethical in our actions, and meticulous in our methods. Doing what is right is at the heart of how we work.
??? 2、Personal
??? We develop deep and meaningful knowledge of your challenges, offer honest guidance, and provide true support. Nurturing long-term relationships with clients allows us to better understand your needs, be positively proactive, and stay practically focused on what really matters to you.
??? 3、Capable
??? All of our consultants have significant business careers prior to joining our firm, and all have post-graduate degrees. Many are multi-lingual, having worked or studied across the globe. Our consultants are backed by outstanding research professionals and a proprietary information technology platform. We work in teams to combine cutting-edge, world-class research capability with the rich insights and sound judgment of our worldwide network of experienced consultants to provide you with outstanding quality of information and consistently superior value.
??? 4、 Collegial
??? Our consultants generally stay with the firm for many years. We have deep trust in one another. We operate as a single firm and share compensation, enabling us to build authentic long-term personal relationships with clients, candidates and each other, beyond the incentive of personal gain. The power of these trusted networks places the insight and resources of our entire firm at each consultant’s fingertips, so we can bring you much more value than meets the eye.
??? 5、Client Focused
Unlike the traditional model of search consulting, we charge a fixed fee for our assignments. That means our only incentive is to deliver what’s best for you. Our fixed-fee policy frees us to be diligent, thorough, and completely unbiased, able to assess internal and external candidates on an equal basis and facilitate hiring negotiations with no conflict of interest.
??? 6、Committed to Diversity & Inclusion
??? As a truly global, equal partnership comprising individuals from both genders at all levels and including many cultures, languages, and beliefs, we have a deeply personal appreciation for the value of diversity for us and for our clients. At heart we believe that diversity of perspectives and viewpoints leads to better decisions, more creativity, and overall better business. At Egon Zehnder, a diversity mindset permeates everything we do, and we aim to help our clients meet their D&I objectives in every way we can. Read the full text of our Commitment to Diversity.
??? 7、Proud of Our Heritage
??? When Egon P.S. Zehnder decided to found his own firm in 1964, his vision was to deliver uncompromisingly professional search with absolute discretion to meet the needs of each individual client. Read our Firm History.
??? 三、亿康先达的口碑
??? 由瑞士人创立的亿康先达国际,在全球的猎头行业是个“另类”,迄今为止保持着近乎“偏执”的企业文化和价值观。作为全世界“门槛”最高的公司,要加入它需要经过全球三四十轮的面试,却依然让跨国公司的高管和麦肯锡的高级顾问们趋之若鹜;它从未在任何媒体上做过广告,却在同行中享有令人羡慕的口碑
??? 四、康先达国际人力资源咨询(北京)有限公司地址:东三环中路一号环球财富中心16层










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